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The Safety Register and Safety Performance Barometer

bpostgroup implemented several successful health and safety initiatives. These included the use of a safety corner on the work floor, encouraging employees to report any type of safety incident, as well as safety communication campaigns. A Safety Register also helps to follow safety checks in a structured manner, and from this draw important lessons learned, which are then communicated to employees.

The ‘Safety Performance Barometer’ is an improved well-being instrument that measures safety performance and gives a strong focus on leading safety indicators. It works by consolidating existing safety performance indicators, through which we gain insight into the overall safety performance of a region. This allows prioritization of where, and what aspects, the need is greatest. The safety performance barometer is linked to the bpost Safety Register. It is fully integrated into the management performance monitoring processes.

Good Health and well-being
This goal matches the UN’s Climate Action SDG
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The Safety Register and Safety Performance Barometer