1. JINC and DynaGroup

    DynaGroup and JINC improve the future prospects of underprivileged children.

  2. Active Ants’ robots

    Adapting box sizes to the content and optimizing storage.

  3. Double deck trailers

    Cutting the distance covered by 30% by increasing trailer capacity by 60%.

  4. Wecycle and Dynalogic

    Recycling almost 10 million kilos of electrical waste in the Netherlands.

  5. EcoZone

    Zero carbon emission zone for letter and parcel deliveries.

  6. Clapping in solidarity

    Our employees raise 25,000 euros for the charity DigitalForYouth.

  7. Free postcards

    To bring the people of Belgium closer together, at least in their minds, in…

  8. beepost

    More than 100,000 bees live on the roof of our head office.

  9. Star4U

    We support our employees who work for a good cause.