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Driver’s license

Being able to drive is particularly important in a logistics environment. To give you an idea: the bpost fleet in Belgium comprises around 9,000 vans of different sizes and 800 trucks. The green transformation of the fleet is high on the list of priorities. We aim to introduce more and more electric vans.
But you obviously need a driver’s license to get behind the wheel. And not everyone has one. Employees can take lessons at our own driving school to work towards their license or to learn to drive better. People who want to take their career in a new direction can earn their category C/CE driver’s license here. And colleagues who have been sick off work for a long time can also take a course as part of their reintegration, giving them the chance to work as a driver.
Drivers licence
Derrick Callens

A real challenge, but a unique opportunity at the same time.

Derrick Callens, truck driver

Until recently, Derrick was a postman in Deinze. A postman with a passion for engines. Twenty years ago he didn’t quite manage to earn his LGV license. The end of a dream? It seemed so, until bpost offered him truck driver training. “I saw I was eligible and signed up. It was a challenge to combine the training with my work as a postman, but I managed it eventually. Being able to do this through and with the support of your own employer is truly a unique opportunity.”