1. 100% respect, All unique, All bpostgroup

    As engaged and committed employees are the drivers of company success, we…

  2. The Safety Register and Safety Performance Barometer

    bpostgroup implemented several initiatives

  3. Mental Health and Wellness Employee Resource Group (ERG)

    In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month

  4. Women’s Initiative Network (WIN)

    In 2022, Radial US hosted the annual Women’s Initiative Network conference…

  5. FutureMe

    Since 2012, bpost has been running the FutureMe program

  6. Belgium’s Biggest Team

    The skyrocketing success of e-commerce had a direct impact on parcel volumes

  7. bpost boost

    An inclusive training program for sustainable employment.

  8. Pribe2b

    At bpostgroup, we envision a harmonious workplace where employees are welcome…

  9. DynaGroup Experience Centers

    DynaGroup has invested in the development of training facilities, upgrading…